My name is Edyta Dullin, and I am a qualified fitness instructor.

I have a vision to create the most positive version of Strong by Jumping training combined with intense HIIT exercises.

Apart from my passion for sport, I am a mother of two amazing girls who motivate me because I want to be a mother in whom they see a strong, independent woman, living according to her own rules.

I want to inspire them to build their own confidence and to believe in themselves, their goals, and dreams.

I started my fitness adventure in 2015, just like every woman, wanting to lose weight and improve my physical condition and start a healthier lifestyle. I was never in good and ideal shape and I always wanted to do better.

After an extremely hard battle and lots of ups and downs, I achieved something I thought would be impossible at the start.

I decided not to give up and I motivated myself to change for the better me.

I lost 5 stone in the end, I created a toned body and I build my muscles more than I thought I ever could. I am extremely proud of my achievement and I believe that anyone that puts their mind to it can achieve anything because anything is possible.

I then decided to quit my office job to follow my dreams.

I graduated from WIT Fitness Instructor course, Strong BY Zumba and POUND Fitness course with only one goal: helping other people to start living actively and motivating them to never give up and become better versions of themselves.

It’s never too late to start!

I ran my first 5 km at the age of 37, then I realized that sport is my new way of life.

I started running, swimming, and cycling.

I have completed several triathlons in Ireland and Ironman Sprint in Poland with great success.


I want to be an inspiration to others and motivate them. That is the reason I created Strong by Jumping Club. It is a place for all to find their meaning, to be motivated and inspired. I want to give everyone a sense that they belong.

With love for everyone