Kids Party

If you are looking for something completely different for your next party Strong by Jumping in Clonmel is the place to come. We can currently accommodate parties up to 18 people, with a minimum age of 4. Best of all, we take care of everything from set up, to clean up and running the party itself. Parties are completely private, organised, and adjusted to the kids age and preferences. In two hours of fun, everything is included, from the main bouncy trampoline with a basketball hoop, to mini fitness trampolines and the biggest attraction of all for all children who love a good challenge, the SPIDER ROOM, where each child can be a little adventurer. Here you will find a balance rope, climbing wall, monkey bars, swings and much more.

Everything happens in the rhythm of the music that the children like, and in a stress-free environment for the parents, who can happily watch their kids have fun and enjoy themselves.

When the party is over, you just walk away and leave the mess to us. You will then be another group of people and children that celebrated and experienced their child’s amazing party at Strong by Jumping Club in Clonmel.

Parents! sit down, relax and watch your children have the time of their lives!

  • The party is fully organised by us
  • Before each party, we provide the invitations for free
  • Our birthday parties are 2 hours long
  • We provide full entertainment for the duration of the party
  • A fully set table is provided: cups, plates, napkins and cutlery (including a birthday cake knife)
  • We also provide an unlimited amount of drinks, so no plastic bottles needed
  • After the party, we take care of all rubbish, bins and all cleaning up!
  • Children get their own free time on the big trampoline, at the start of the party to say hello to friends and jump around
  • They then go onto the small fitness trampolines (each child has their own) and learn various jumping moves, steps and techniques
  • They all get a chance to play ‘instructor’ where they lead the group and this builds and improves their confidence
  • We teach them various movements and dancing steps
  • We have music that is suitable for each age groups, and sometimes even requested songs
  • We play games, competitions and provide other activities
  • We have lots of gaming equipment, including a basketball hoop, volleyball net, balls, exercise balls and much more
  • Our huge attraction is the spider room. It includes a balance rope, monkey bars, climbing wall, swings, hammocks and much more
  • Minimum age of child is 4 years old.
  • There is full supervision of all children at all times, with a staff member with each of the groups
  • We have a planned-out schedule of all activities, so no one is running around and getting hurt
  • We have a full first aid bag
  • This is a fully private party with just your guests

The Birthday Parties organised by us last 2 hours and are available in the following time slots:






Please use the calculator beside to see a total cost. €30 deposit is required upon reservation (non-refundable)

Parents have to provide just the following:

  • The birthday cake
  • Food or snacks for the children
  • They supervise the children during food time or drink breaks

Party Box

An attractive and colorful party box, which contains: a drink, a toy, something sweet and a packet of crisps (ask for more details).

price: €2.95

Birthday Party Price Calculator
Party Cost Calc

Up to 10 kids the price remains constant and each additional child carries an extra cost of €14 per each kid.

Why parents and children like us so much

We attended a party here yesterday the children really enjoyed it, non stop fun with lots of little breaks for drinks and to recharge. They were supervised at all times and the staff were amazing.

Susan Pàirceir

We had my daughter's 5th birthday party in World Jumping Clonmel. She had the best time and all her friends loved it too. Tired, happy kids going home. 🙂

Samantha Mansell

Cian goes to the kids classes every Saturday and we just had his 6th birthday party here today. I can't recommend it enough Edyta has a great way with the children they were entertained from beginning to end. So many happy tired little people coming away after the party. Well done Edyta.

Pamela Burke

I definitely give World Jumping Clonmel 10/10 for a kids party. The girls are amamzing at what they do and make all the children feel special especially the birthday child. Kids club on Saturday is also a brilliant way to get our kids active on the weekend. Thank you all so much for providing such an amazing service.

Kara Kaulfield

We provide a nice, calm enjoyable and relaxed party for both the kids and the parents!